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      Holgrave drew the brim of his hat again over his face, and folding his arms, looked silently on as the work proceeded.Their feet splashed on the soaking grass, and suddenly Bessie stopped and lifted her shoe:

      "I hate you! I hate you!" she cried, and threw herself about.

      Reuben recalled the last five yearsthey had been fat years. One by one small comforts, small luxuries, had been added to the house, as the farm throve modestly, fulfilling itself within the narrow boundaries its master had appointed. And all the time that mocking furious crest of Boarzell had broken the sky in the southtelling of beauty unseized, might unconquered, pride untamed.

      However, there was no help for it. Reuben was overjoyed, and once more she slipped under his tyranny. This time she found it irksome, his watchfulness was a nuisance, his anxiety was absurd. However, she did not complain. She was too timid, and too fond of him.

      "The gloves are very beautiful," replied the lady."And your damned son!" furiously cried Ditch of Totease.


      "It's larment?able to see an old feller lik that all al?an, wudout friend nor kin."


      Chapter 21


      "My lord judge, I demand, in the name of holy church, and in the name of the gracious king Edward, that you deliver up this woman, Edith Holgrave, to me. A writ from the chancery, signed by the royal hand, commanding her delivery to the ecclesiastical power, has been sent down, and how is it that thus, in opposition to the church's prerogative, and the royal will, I see the woman standing a criminal at this bar?"