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      Well, perhaps I may, said Norman.For a day or two she seemed living in a dreamland, in which she could think of nothing but her new and strange happiness. The folk at Belfayre, much as they had already admired her, were struck by the expression of her face, the strange, deep[150] light in her wonderful eyes, and Lilias looked and spoke to her almost shyly, as if Esmeraldas happiness were something sacred.

      But she said nothing; there was scarcely room for love in her heart, it was so full of pride and an innocent girls resentment and indignation. Perhaps he expected, half hoped, that she would speak, would plead for forgiveness; and he felt in his heart that if she were to do so he must yield and take her back.

      Lady Wyndover gasped as she sunk on to the couch again.

      Lady Wyndover glanced at them, found it impossible this time to repress a shudder, and faintly dismissed Barker, who fled down to the servants hall to recount her strange experiences with the new young lady.

      Really? But I suppose not. Well, you must have some lessons at once. Thank goodness, you will soon learnone can see that. She looked at the graceful figure thoughtfully. Not that it really matters whether you dance or not. In fact, there is something original in your being unable to do so; it is all in character. And now let us go into my room and talk over the campaign. Let me see, she said, sinking back on her favorite couch, and regarding Esmeralda between half-closed lids, there is a small and early at Lady Blankyres to-morrow night. That will be just the thing, I thinknot too large, and yet all the bestthe very bestpeople. And Lady Blankyre is a very dear friend of mine, and will understand. If it should prove a successbut of course it willshe nodded encouraginglywe can launch out. So much depends upon the start! If we get a really good start, the newspaper men will take up the running for us, and the rest is easy.

      "I don't know," Disney answered gloomily. "The woman is true as steelthe man comes of a bad stock. You know what the Scripture says about the tree and the fruit."It was from Brindisi.


      He repeated the movement again.It seemed to Trafford that he had seen the tall, well-knit figure before, but he did not identify it, for the moment, with the horseman Johnson, the driver, had pointed out.


      The words had a ring of anguish in them that found an echo in his heart and made him half turn to her. But her face, the look in her eyes, kept him back.


      Two footmen, in the dark claret livery, stood, almost as statuesque as the figures in armor, at the bottom of the stairs, waiting to receive the marquis and his commands.He sat beside Isola's sofa in the Roman lodging as he had sat beside her bed in that long illness at Trelasco, when her wandering mind appalled him more than her bodily weakness. He watched as faithfully as he had watched then, but this time without hope.