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      Few passages of history are more striking than those which record the efforts of the earlier French Jesuits to convert the Indians. Full as they are of dramatic and philosophic interest, bearing strongly on the political destinies of America, and closely involved with the history of its native population, it is wonderful that they have been left so long in obscurity. While the infant colonies of England still clung feebly to the shores of the Atlantic, events deeply ominous to their future were in progress, unknown to them, in the very heart of the continent. It will be seen, in the sequel of this volume, that civil and religious liberty found strange allies in this Western World.[3] "Quatre grandes Croix qui sont aux quatre coins de nostre enclos."Ragueneau, Relation des Hurons, 1648, 81.

      Yes, I know.


      Church and State.The Bishop and the King.The King and the Cures.The New Bishop.The Canadian Cure.Ecclesiastical Rule.Saint-Vallier and Denonville.Clerical Rigor.Jesuit and Sulpitian.Courcelle and Chatelain.The Recollets.Heresy and Witchcraft.Canadian Nuns.Jeanne Le Ber.Education.The Seminary.Saint Joachim.Miracles op Saint Anne.Canadian Schools. Michelle-Therese Nau, who married Joseph, son of Robert

      (v*) This device was of very early date. See Boucher, Hist.

      * Le Ministre a Duchesneau, 15 Mai, 1678.

      Remember, child, that the service he has rendered to me is nothing in comparison to the crime he committed. If his own sin had not made me ill, I should never have needed his assistance.[254] Lettre de La Barre au Ministre, 4 Nov., 1683.




      [3] "Ibo et non redibo." Lettre du P. Jogues au R. P. No date.